Has Video Killed Article Writing for Your Online Business?

The debate about whether writing articles is still a key element of growing your online business rages on. For those of us who make money online from home it is an important discussion and one that merits serious consideration. The growth in popularity and use of You Tube has caused many to have the view that You Tube is the way forward and that article marketing is simply “old hat”! I don’t agree and my reasons are as follows:

  • Firstly, I do not think it is a question of either You Tube or article marketing, my belief is that it is both. None of us receive information or data from just one source or one element of the media. We get our information in hard copy, electronically, digitally and others, so why would we think that our target audience is any different?
  • The internet is the source of content for millions every day, so there is a place for good content irrespective of the media. If your articles contain good content, and you have it appropriately structured then you will be found.
  • Content that has value for its targeted audience is a much needed resource. If you are writing your article just to blast out volumes of content and hoping that you get traffic, then that is the wrong mindset. If your mindset is “what’s in it for me” then it is of little value to anyone, and you will fail. But if your mindset is “is this content adding value to my targeted audience?”, and you deliver on it, then the content will be picked up and you will succeed.
  • Relevant content is always of value. Think of this way – if my business goal is to find ways to make money online and I come across a great article on changes in world environment, I may find it interesting, and it may be very well written but it is not relevant to me right now. So, when writing make sure it is high quality, is of significant value and is relevant. Article writing is a great resource and source for relevant content.
  • Once you write an article it is there forever. I still get traffic for articles that I wrote a long time ago. Quality lasts and the time you put into writing a good article today is an investment in your future.
  • Article writing is a great way to get backlinks which are so important and very important when your aim is to make money online for free.
  • Finally, some statistics to back up my argument! I have researched randomly for some figures, so I have not conjured these up to prove my point – you know what can be done with statistics! The niche I looked at is the weight loss niche and I researched how many views random articles had got in a short period of time. To put it in context I am writing this article on 11th March 2011 and my figures are based on numbers of views at 9th March 2011. Just look at these for numbers, keeping in mind that the oldest article is only 8 weeks old!
  • An article published on 5th January 2011 got 30.128 views, one on 9th January 2011 got 46,855 views, another on 24th January 2011 got 19,016, then the one published on 2nd February 2011 got 29,928 views and the one on 14th February 2011 got 12,835

These are absolute proof that article marketing still has its place as a premier method of getting your message out on the internet. How could you not generate business with those levels of views? But please remember, you will only achieve these sorts of figures if the content is of high value and is relevant.

To my mind, forget about the debate questioning whether it is article marketing or video marketing – the truth is that it is both, and you just need to find the right balance.

I would appreciate your comments and views.